I have worked in digital media for more than 19 years, gaining experience during that time in the BBC design department Leeds before moving onto work in Creative Design Agency’s, Video Game Studio’s and setting up my own company. I have worked for and collaborated with companies in the UK, Ireland, USA and Denmark and I have managed external teams in Poland and China.

I have worked on 40+ video games which have been published on multiple platforms – GBA, mobile phone,  PS2, PC, Wii, DS, iOS, Android.

Alex (newretro) at Tuna Tech gave me my break into the world of games, my first job was to design levels on the GBA game called Alienators: Evolution Continues, which won a G.A.N.G.  award for best handheld audio.

I worked at Tuna for the next 3 years moving  from level design to game designer and finally I became head of production. I left Tuna to move back to Ireland and have worked as a  freelance video game designer/artist and producer, initially for Tuna Tech, then for Beyond Reality Games and Clockwork Games.

In more recent times I have worked with  Zinc Software (Dublin) applying gamification to their hi-tech  bio feedback  apps and  designed and created a number of iOS games for IWare Designs who are base in the UK. I have also work with Rudolf Kremers the designer of Eufloria helping him with app store management and designing artwork for the various online app stores.

I have a First Class Honors Degree in Visual Communication. In 2006 I setup hostingni.com a domain and hosting company and in 2011 I started McMullan Multimedia Ltd to work with small business on promoting them digitally.

I am a designer and organised by nature and work in all digital mediums, if you wish to contact me for further information or about potential work you can email me – mail(at)davidmcmullan(dot)co(dot)uk or contact me via linkedin.

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