In between projects myself and Mat worked on an education app the we had been talking about for ages. Our goal was to create an app that allowed children to explore and learn new things in a fun way which in turn would provide a foundation for further development and achievement.

I designed the app and created all the artwork, Mat coded and provided the music and sound.

Learn and Play ABC designed to engage children in the development of literacy skills in a fun and enjoyable way. This was achieved by having two distinct sections in the app.

  1. The LEARN section focuses on recognition and association of the letter names and sounds of the alphabet while
  2. The PLAY section reinforces and develops this further through a collection of mini games.

The  LEARN section introduced development and reinforcement of key literacy skills which are the building blocks of reading and writing.

    • Understanding that each letter name has a letter sound and vice versa.
    • Develop ability to hear and identify letter sounds.
    • Recognition of uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
    • Become familiar with alphabetical order.
    • Learn that letters carry meaning and are part of words.
    • Learn that words carry meaning.

The PLAY section reinforces the key skills learnt in the LEARN section through a number of fun intuitive games.

    • Ball rolling game.
    • Letter scramble.
    • Pair matching.
    • Picture cards.

Learn and Play ABC

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